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This wiki is about the YouTube of MrHuriicane. MrHuriicane is a youtuber who plays Madden and NCAA Football

MrHurriicane has had multiple series in the Madden and NCAA franchises, including his recently announced Madden 18 Bears Franchise.

MrHurricane's series include

-Madden 12- Vikings Franchise (Ended)

-Madden 13- Raiders Franchise (Ended)

-Madden 25(2014)- Rams Franchise (Ended)

Madden 15- Panthers Franchise (Ended)

Madden 16 - Jaguars Franchise (Ended)

Madden 17 - Chargers Franchise (Ended)

Madden 18 - Bears Franchise (Ended)

Madden 19 - Dolphins Franchise (Ended)

NCAA 2013- UTSA Dynasty (Ended)

NCAA 2014- Minnesota Gophers Dynasty (Ended)

NCAA 2014 - Kalispell Warhawks Teambuilder Dynasty (Ongoing)

Blitz the League 2 Campaign Playthrough (Ended)

Sammy Hollins Road to Glory (NCAA 2013) (Ended)

NCAA 14- Ultimate Team ( Ended )

Madden 25- Ultimate Team ( Ended )

Madden 15- Ultimate Team ( Ended )

Madden 16- Ultimate Team ( Ended )

Madden 17 - Ultimate Team (Ended)

Sammy Hollins Madden 15 Career Mode ( Ended )

Desmond Payne Road to the Show ( MLB 15 the show ) ( Ended )

MLB The Show 17/MLB The Show 18 - Minnesota Twins Franchise (Ongoing)

Mrhurriicane joined Youtube on July 4th, 2010. He has gained incredible numbers since then. He currently has 181,304 subscribers and 59,249,422 video views.

He also started a second channel called MrHurriicaneLP for his Let's play on games other than sports. He currently has a partnership with GammaLabs ( a suger free and gluten free sports energy drink ) If you use his coupon code " Cane" you get $5 off. He also has a partnership with EA Ronku

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